Learn Regex The Hard Way (ALPHA)

Introducing Learn Regex The Hard Way

If you run into strings like "\s+.?(?i)a+b?" and your eyes glaze over like a pair of old fashioned donuts, then this book is for you. When you're done you will be able to read that string, understand what's going on with regex, learn when to use them, learn to write them, and learn how to write simple parsers to avoid abusing regex to process your strings.

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Got Feedback?

If you have feedback on how I'm teaching Regex then feel free to email me and tell me what you think.

Email help@learncodethehardway.org

Download The ALPHA Release

Right now there's an HTML version of the book up for people to read.

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Helping Edit

If you are an experienced programmer and want to edit code that's in the book, or help with editing, then hit the git repo and start digging. You know what to do:

  • Fork my git repo.
  • Make your changes.
  • Send me a merge request.

By asking me to merge your changes in you agree that I retain copyright. Please don't make me make you sign something to prove that.